Square Shines Up FFXI Box, Calls It Special

A Special Box edition of Final Fantasy XI will be released on September 26 in Japan, at a cost of 7900 yen, or around $66.00 US. Square has not confirmed what will be included in the package as of yet, but it is assumed that a fully patched version of FFXI, as well as the latest upgraded version of PlayOnline, will be included in the set. This should enable gamers to avoid the downloads that current players have been subjected to on a fairly regular basis.

Square's first foray into the online world has been met with mixed success in Japan thus far, where the game has been slowly building in popularity, but has also been periodically troubled by server issues. A North American version of FFXI will hit stores sometime in 2003.

by Andrew Long    
Sources: [The Magicbox]
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