New Details Revealed While Skimming Through Dark Chronicle

New details have arisen regarding Sony's upcoming PlayStation 2 RPG Dark Chronicle. Specifically, shots of the battle system have revealed the pugilistic preferences of the game's two main characters, Yuris and Monica. Both protagonists can use a variety of attacks, both long and short range. Yuris favours firearms for his long-range efforts, while Monica fires off magic spells in place of guns. Included in Monica's arcane arsenal are the usual fire and ice spells, appropriately named Flame and Blizzard. Both characters have other options at their disposal, of course. Jumping, charging, and combos are all skills gamers can pick up, and although the best defense is a good offense, there's still the option to block.

Also uncovered is the inclusion in the game of eight new supporting characters. Among this diverse cast of others are included Bocas, a clown who moonlights as a jewel thief, Yuris's father, Jecht, and the appropriately named Stubro, a stubborn old man. The other five remain nameless as yet, but Sony will doubtless reveal these details and more as Dark Chronicle proceeds towards its release date, which would really be a more meaningful statement if Sony had actually decided upon one as of yet. On the plus side, a North American release has been confirmed, so gamers on both sides of the ocean can wait in feverish anticipation for more information on this title, which RPGamer will, of course, provide as it becomes available.

by Andrew Long    
Sources: [The Magicbox]
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