EverQuest World Grows Again

A new area, free to subscribers of Sony Online's Everquest, has been added. Jaggedpine Forest is just the latest of a number of additions to the online world of Norrath, which has grown impressively over its almost three years of existence. Three retail expansions have been responsible for the greatest increases in size, of course, but Sony has added free areas from time to time, and Jaggedpine Forest is the sixth such locale.

In addition to lumping in the new forest, Sony has also made a few tweaks to the game. The interface has been finagled slightly in order to facilitate customizability, and the moon of Luclin has expanded by a zone as well. The zone requires the Shadows of Luclin expansion to access, and is a bazaar of sorts, dedicated to buying and selling in-game items.

Sony Online is currently hard at work on the fourth retail expansion, Everquest: Planes of Power, which has no release date as of yet. RPGamer will continue to cover news regarding this title as it becomes available.

by Andrew Long    
Sources: [Gamespot]
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