Earth and Beyond's Release Rescheduled

Originally scheduled for an August release, Westwood Studios' MMORPG Earth and Beyond has been pushed back a month to allow more time for the pre-beta stress test and various problem solving. The new release date is set for September 18th, and on August 5th Westwood is giving out a game beta CD to all who preordered Earth and Beyond through Gamestop or Electronics Boutique. Anyone who preordered just needs to stop by their local participating store and snatch it. The beta CD will allow players to particpate in the final stages of the beta without signing up with Westwood. All previous beta testers will still be kept for the full blown public beta.

Earth and Beyond is based around a post-apocalyptic cold war and three warring factions. Players advance through space with a miriad of customizable space craft at their disposal and their inherent skills. As the beta gears up for its final stages and the release date approaches, RPGamer will be here covering the latest on this Sci-Fi MMORPG.

by Jackson Keith    
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