More Tales of Destiny 2 Details Revealed

Information on Namco's upcoming title Tales of Destiny 2 have emerged, released from the company itself. Most of the details revolve around gameplay, particularly the battle system players will use.

The game will utilize a modified version of the LMBS system used in the original Tales of Destiny. Dubbed the "Trust & Tactical Linear Motion Battle System," the addition of various subsystems and features are where the true enhancements lie.

The accuracy of attacks are now influenced by the presence and allotment of Spiritual Points (SP). The higher the number possessed by a character, the better the accuracy of attack it executes. Alternatively, a lower number generates a higher risk of failure. Spiritual Points can be regained via magic, rest, or defending in battle.

Once the conflict is resolved, each battle is critiqued, and Battle Grade Points are awarded in accordance with overall performance in combat. The points, once distributed and collected in sufficient quantity, can be used to enhance equipment.

The Auto Zoom option, a new battle function, will immerse the player into the the thick of the action. While in Auto Zoom special attacks can be initiated by combining or stringing various attacks and skills together.

Tales of Destiny 2 is slated for a Fall release in Japan, but there are currently no details on a debut in America. RPGamer will keep you abreast of other information as it comes along.

by Brent Fisher    
Sources: [Magic Box ]
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