Golden Sun Connectivity Explained

Last year's much anticipated and critically acclaimed Game Boy Advance RPG, Golden Sun, set portable gamers' collective fingers on fire, and is widely recognized as the best portable RPG released to date. Any success that overwhelming is sure to warrant a sequel, and it looks like developer Camelot anticipated the title's success before even releasing it – an option to save a "cleared game" is available upon completion of the game.

The purpose of this save file was relatively unknown at the time the game was released, but with the recent Japanese release of Golden Sun 2, some light can be shed upon what this "cleared game" file actually does.

When the gamer first starts up the sequel on his or her Game Boy Advance, he or she will be prompted to transfer a code contained within the file via a buddy with a Game Boy Advance, or, possibly, by manually entering a code that may be obtained through the use of a cheat that will unlock it on the original Golden Sun. This would be advantageous to gamers sans Advance-toting buddies, but the actual method to release the code is as of yet unavailable.

During the transfer process, manual or otherwise, the gamer will choose a gold, silver, or bronze level transfer, with each decreasing medal value reducing the amount of information is carried over. Gold level transfers carry ALL the information from the first game. Djinni, items, coins, stats, experience levels, and even the character's name are transferred in a gold level exchange, whereas the silver level transfer omits items and coins, and a bronze level transfer adds stats to the list of non-transferred data.

Late-acquired rare items will also have impacts on the sequel's gameplay, and statistic levels will add dynamics to party exchange methods.

Golden Sun 2 will undoubtedly take some time in the translation process before it reaches North American shores, so in the meantime, pick up a copy of Golden Sun, and pause only to check out our coverage of the first entry in the series, and to check our news for more information on the impending release of the sequel.

by Brandon Daiker    
Sources: [IGN Pocket]
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