New Suikoden III Main Character

With Suikoden III being released in Japan tomorrow details on a new main character have emerged from Konami. The character, Thomas, will join Chris, Hugo, and Ged as one of the leading characters in the game.

Thomas is the son of the ruler of a kingdom, and as a result of his upbringing has no combat ability. His story in turn will not have much in the way of fighting, and will instead be played out through various puzzles, exploring, and through playing out the plot. Thomas' background begins with him, a common boy, being told by his mother to find his father. His father turns out to be the ruler of a small kingdom, and Thomas soon inherits the throne when his father leaves the kingdom. Currently, Thomas' kingdom is experiencing difficulty due to effects caused by an unknown war.

Suikoden III is one of the more eaglerly anticipated games for the PlayStation 2 and its release tomorrow in Japan will no doubt be an event to take notice of. Currently, Suikoden III is scheduled for release in North America this fall.

by Jackson Keith    
Source: [Games Are Fun]
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