New Pokémon-Themed GBA

Pokémon Central has announced that it will be releasing a new color of Game Boy Advance to commemorate the opening of the latest Pokémon movie. The pink and purple machine is named Latias/Latios after the Pokémon featured in the aforementioned movie. The new GBA will debut in Japan on July 13 for a retail price of 8,800 yen ($73 US). No word was given on if this particular variety of GBA would ever be retailed outside Japan.

Pokémon is the highly successful Nintendo monster-catching franchise that caught the world by storm when first released in the late 1990's. You can find more about the upcoming GBA version of Pokémon here, and be sure to stay with RPGamer for all the latest Pokémon news.

by Justin Harwood    
Sources: [Gamespot]
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