Tales of Destiny 2 Details

Namco, continuing in its information bonanza, has given a few details on its upcoming PlayStation 2 RPG Tales of Destiny 2. While nothing dramatic has been revealed, the characters have been given fresher, more complex identities.

Kyle Dunamis, the male lead, is now known to be Stahn's (The male lead from Tales of Destiny) 15 year old son. Although Kyle has never seen his father's face he still wishes to attain hero status like Stahn. Lyla, Kyle's lead conterpart, apparently contains a special power of some kind that will prove invaluable to Kyle's journey.

With 30% of the game reportedly complete, Namco has pushed back the release to December in Japan. As of yet, no North American release has been announced.

by Jackson Keith    
Source: [The Magic Box]
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