Capcom Announces Sequel To Popular Franchise

In a move that shocked absolutely no one, Capcom has announced its intentions to produce a sequel to its Rockman.EXE (Mega Man Battle Network) franchise. The game, tenatively titled Rockman.EXE 3, comes on the heels of the successful Rockman.EXE 2 as well as an animated series based on the games.

While no specific elements of the game were discussed, long-time Capcom fans are expecting the usual: slightly updated graphics combined with marginal improvements in gameplay. The two previous games featured Lan and his "Navi" Mega Man.EXE fighting together to keep the 'net safe from viruses, cyber criminals, and other 'net-based menaces. For those who are interested, the original announcement can be found on Capcom of Japan's page here. RPGamer will continue to bring you more Rockman.EXE info as it becomes available.

by Justin Harwood    
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