Enix Divulges New Samurai Evolution Information

Enix recently has delivered new details on Samurai Evolution, its most recent Game Boy Advance RPG. As mentioned in the title, the game is to have a major Japanese samurai atmosphere to it.

Samurai Evolution takes place in a region known as Sakura Country where the heroine Yuki, a mercenary, is assigned to save a kidnapped VIP from an underground association. Other characters include Shenya, Yuki's twin brother, Linsai, the leader of the Sakura Country's secret agents, Fei, a powerful maiden warrior, and Yugi, Yuki's nemesis.

The battle system sets Yuki and other characters in a "Star Battle" formation reminiscent of Star Ocean. Wielding a creature known only as "X", battling characters can transform the living weapon into many different kinds of weapons. As a kind of magic, each character also utilizes an arsenal of the usual elemental attacks: fire, ice, wind, and thunder.

Samurai Evolution is slated for release sometime this September in Japan. A North American release date has not been confirmed.

by Jackson Keith    
Source: [The Magic Box]
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