Namco Releases Tales of Destiny 2 Information

The Japanese publication Weekly Jump recently devulged information on Namco's Playstation 2 RPG Tales of Destiny 2 (Not to be confused with the Japanese Tales of Eternia which was released in North America under the same name).

In a first for the series, Tales of Destiny 2 will take place using the same setting as one of its predecessors, in this case, the original Tales of Destiny. The game takes place 20 years after the events of Tales of Destiny, and while returning characters from the first game have not been announced, it is a possibility considering the small time gap between the two games. What character information that is available is rather scanty; the protoganists of Tales of Destiny 2, Kyle and Lyla, have had little other than their names revealed about them at this point.

Forsaking the graphical engine of the Playstation 2, Tales of Destiny 2 will follow in its predecessors' steps by using side-scrolling, 2D battles. Also, the area maps will be fully 2D while the overworld will be 3D, much like in Tales of Destiny.

A new feature Namco hopes to include is the ability to respond to townsfolk. Using this feature, the player will have, ultimately, the power to change the events and course of the story. What this story will be is anyone's guess; however, despite the rather impressive lack of information available concerning the game at this point, Namco is planning to release it this fall in Japan.

by Jackson Keith    
Source: [Games Are Fun]
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