Namco Spins Another Yarn

Just when the Sakura Taisen series seemed to have corner the market on excessive number of titles in development, Namco has revealed it is developing another Tales title for the PlayStation 2. The game, thus far coyly named Tales of ..., will be developed for the PlayStation 2 and joins Namco's roster of four other Tales titles currently in development for various platforms.

With so many titles on the go, Namco is releasing details on the assorted titles at a snail's pace, presumably to avoid saturation. Tales of ... will receive its real name on Monday when the official Japanese website for the series drops the bombshell. For now, Tales fans can entertain themselves by guessing what will replace the dots, or better yet, checking out RPGamer's coverage of other titles in the series.

by Andrew Long    
Source: [IGN PS2]
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