Pokémon the Culprit in Spaceworld 2002 Fallapart

In the daily Japanese newspaper Nihon Keizai Shinbum, a Nintendo rep offered up the official reason for the demise of this year's Spaceworld. Central to the videogaming giant's decision is the desire to concentrate on the Pokémon Festival, set for this summer in Japan. Since Spaceworld would have overlapped with this event, Nintendo felt it prudent to eliminate one event in favour of concentrating on the other. The speaker did not, however, go on to elaborate on how the Pokémon Festival would be improved as a result of cancelling Spaceworld.

Since Spaceworld does afford Nintendo an excellent opportunity to showcase its products, the company will now be increasing its presence at other events in Japan. In particular, the representative mentioned Nintendo plans to beef up its lineup at the World Hobby Fair, which will take place next weekend in Japan. The newest Pokémon title, Pokémon Advance is slated for release by the end of 2002 in Japan.

by Andrew Long    
Source: [Gamefront]
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