Everquest Roadtrip Rides Onward

As we mentioned earlier in previous news item, players of the popular medieval fantasy massively multiplayer online RPG Everquest will have a chance to interact with other fans across the country this summer.

The Everquest Invasion Tour has already passed through San Diego and Long Beach, California. The decked out tour trailer is currently residing in the San Fransisco Bay area until Saturday.

For those who may be wondering if the EQ caravan may be headed your way, here's the future schedule of locales and times:

Seattle, WA
July 10-14
Philadelphia, PA
August 14-19
Hood River, OR
July 17-18
Baltimore, MD
August 22-25
Portland, OR
July 19
New Jersey, NY
August 28
Chicago, IL
July 24-28
New York , NY
August 29-31, Sept. 1
Cleveland, OH
July 31, August 1-4
New Haven, CT
September 2
Minneapolis, MN
August 7-8
Boston, MA
September 5-7, 10, 13
Eden Praire, MN
August 9
Cambridge, MA
September 8-9, 12, 14

by Brent Fisher    
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