Sega Announces New Sakura Taisen Title

Sega has recentley revealed the latest installment in the Sakura Taisen series of robotic combat adventure titles.

Developed for the Playstation 2 by OverWorks and published through Sega, Sakura Taisen 5 will offer some traditional gameplay and new plot devices to satiate the appetites of both old and newcomers to the series.

Inspired by the animated motion picture of the same name, Sakura Taisen 5 will sport a whole new cast of characters within the unique setting of New York. The familiar combination of strategic gameplay and innate draw of adventure, however, will still be present.

Announced simultaneously are two other titles. One is the spinoff title Sakura Taisen 5 Action, which is lauded to possess more action-oriented gameplay and plot perspective.

The other is Sakura Taisen ~ Atsuki Chishio ni ~, a highly heralded remake of the Sega Saturn version of Sakura Taisen. Unlike the Dreamcast remake, developers are claiming that this will be a far more engaging and efficient merging of the successful old gameplay with new technology.

Both Sakura 5 titles are slated for release in Japan sometime in 2004. No information was made available concerning a North American release. ~ Atsuki Chishio ni ~ is slated for release in Japan in the spring of 2003.


by Brent Fisher    
Sources: [Games Are Fun]
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