Pokémon Crystal/Mobile Adapter GB Announced

Pokémon has officially ceased to be merely a game series and has assumed the role of "unstoppable force of nature." The corporate juggernaut shows absolutely no sign of stopping anytime soon, and will in fact continue to grow and assimilate all within its path. Oh, wait, that's the Borg. Eh, it's an honest mistake. Pokémon, it seems, will not be stopped as easily as the Borg, though. The craze continues with Nintendo's official announcement of Pokémon Crystal, formerly known as Pokémon X, for the Game Boy Color.

Pokémon Crystal is the latest in the series to be announced. Very little is actually known about the game at this point, but Nintendo will no doubt open the floodgates of information at some point in the near future. One certainty, however, is that Pokémon Crystal will be compatible with the Mobile Adapter GB unit.

The Mobile Adapter GB connects one's Game Boy or Game Boy Advance to a cell phone. While not allowing true linked gameplay, the Mobile Adapter is useful for playing turn-based games. Of course, Pokémon Crystal would be the perfect "killer app" for this peripheral given this fact. In addition to games, the Mobile Adapter will also allow players to check their email and browse the web. In fact, the Mobile Adapter can be used to download information from networks into their games.

Pokémon Crystal and the Mobile Adapter GB unit will both be available in Japan on December 14th of this year. There is no word yet on if or when they will be available in North America.

by Christopher Koeppel    
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