Namco fights Tales of Destiny criticisms

   Pushing back against criticisms that Namco's upcoming RPG for the Sony Playstation isn't quite up to par in the graphical department, the game's American localization producer Yas Noguchi has spoken out and explained just what a game truly needs to be a great one.

   "A lot of people rag on about the graphics. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that Tales has the old school, 16 bit look," Noguchi explained. "Now, does this intrinsically make Tales a bad game? Is it a flaw? No, I don't think so. Given some of the crappy-looking 3D RPG games out there (you know the ones), I prefer the clean, well-drawn 2D sprite/tile based graphics in Tales. When all is said and done, you have to evaluate an RPG game as a whole package; you have to judge it for its story, game system, characters, music, and yes, even its graphics. Remember one thing, eye-candy only gets you so far."

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Source: [FGN Online]

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