Lunar : SSS delay laced with sweet candy

   The irrepressible president of Working Designs, Victor Ireland, announced recently in a Usenet post that Lunar : Silver Star Story Complete would be delayed until at least sometime in October, but that a slew of goodies are set to accompany the release.

   Lunar : SSS, the remake of the classic Lunar : The Silver Star for the Sega CD system, is now being guessed at an October 16th release. One of the reasons for this is the packaging extras being prepared for inclusion with the game. Ireland posted the following:

       "Our packaging and "extras" agenda got a LOT bigger, as we want to make this a
    really special release. As of right now, we have:
    A> A special glossy cardboard "shell" box with art all around and foil stamping
    that flips open to show screenshots, etc.
    B> Double jewelcase inside said box with 4 CD's in it.
    C> 2 game CD's.
    D> 1 music CD soundtrack with select arranged tracks.
    E> 1 video CD for Playstation with a "making of" movie we're creating for the US
    release with interviews of the actors, Japanese development staff, etc, etc.
    F> Cloth map.
    G> And, NEXT to the double jewel case in the cardboard shell is a cloth hardbound
    artbook/instruction manual weighing in at over 100 pages that will include about
    20% of the hintbook as well.
       All of this takes time, and we still don't have a firm handle on all aspects
    of the packaging (like the book) and the "making of" movie's production times.
    10/16 is EB's guess, but we'll put our best guess on the webpage soon."

   Working Designs may take their time releasing games, but it certainly seems to be worth it. All of RPGamer's staff is awaiting this huge package with great anticipation. Look for more information as we get it!

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