Four chocobo titles flying in

   The "chocobo," Squaresoft's cute, cuddly yellow bird classically used for transportation since early on in the Final Fantasy series, is set to star four upcoming games. Square seems to also have adopted the bird as their mascot, although the chocobo has for long been identified as one of the main elements of Squaresoft's games.

   As mentioned just recently on RPGamer, the first chocobo title is a sequel to Chocobo's Mysterious Dungeon, tenatively titled "Chocobo's Mysterious Dungeon Adventures." More information on the game has been revealed, and we now know that Chocobo will have a sidekick join him in his adventures: a moogle named "Mowgli." The engine of the game will remain similar, but will sport improvements such as elevated terrain in the overworld, more dungeons, and improved visuals. The game is expected to be released in Japan before the end of the year.

   Also reported previously was that another chocobo title is on its way, tenatively titled "Chocobo Racing." Chocobos are raced in the game similar to the mini-game in Final Fantasy VII, but with far more variety and vastly improved visuals. But that's not all! Square Co. of Japan also announced two more chocobo titles after these. Although what these may be have not been revealed, Square did mention that they would be across multiple genres not currently occupied. "Chocobo de Battle" is a SGI-powered experiment that the company conducted recently. Could a variation of this be in the works? Look for more info as it comes.

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