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Mac's Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary Journey - Issue 23


Final Fantasy

This week has been full of chaos, something I seem to say every week, so it almost slipped by without me playing a Final Fantasy game. I would have hated to have broken my streak, as even though I've not written something every week, I have played some part of a Final Fantasy each week so far. I was tempted to go back and play a little more Final Fantasy X, but was in the middle of something else on Vita that I couldn't save easily. My GBA SP isn't working, so no Final Fantasy V or VI Advance right now. Thankfully, Square Enix released more DLC for Final Fantasy XV this week, so that was the perfect thing to dive into. Hello, Prompto, glad to see you again. PS: There are some late-game FFXV spoilers below.

If you want to catch up on my prior pieces, here's a link to Issue 22 from last week.

Final Fantasy XV: Episode Prompto (PS4)

After playing Episode Gladiolus, I was very hopeful for what Episode Prompto would offer. Gladio's DLC offered a nice change of perspective, new combat styles, and more story, so I expected the same for Prompto and so far I've been pleasantly spot on with my prediction. I've only worked through the first chapter of this DLC, but it takes one of my favorite twists from the main game, Prompto's origins and past, and develops it even further. The starting chapter has Prompto venturing through a magitek facility while being taunted by Ardyn, a favorite villain.

This exploration section is fairly linear, but feels a lot like an action genre, as Prompto can sneak around, shoot in third-person, and hide behind cover. All of this works really well, making me wish even more that Prompto (and the others) was playable in the main game. Cor in Gladio's story and Aranea being a part of this DLC furthers that desire even more, not to mention my boy Ignis. There are so many great characters in this game that it just makes me want to see more of them and be able to play as them all. I plan on finishing this up soon and talking about FFXV's DLC more in detail in upcoming weeks.

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