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#JRPGJuly 2017 Introduction



July is almost upon us, which means it is time for the most glorious event of the year, #JRPGJuly. Those who are unfamiliar with the event, it is hosted by Anne Lee @ Chic Pixel. The goal of #JRPGJuly is to have a community-wide game-along wherein everyone is playing a JRPG for the month, blogging and sharing their progress through social media and forums, and spreading a love of JRPG-goodness.

As always, the RPGamer staff is raring to participate, and we will be posting our thoughts each week as we make progress through the JRPGs we will be playing. You can follow the staff members below through social media or on our forums, cheer them on, and heck, even participate yourself! Some staff will be streaming their experience via Twitch, others will be sharing screenshots along the way through Twitter. What matters is that we hope you will celebrate the month of July by playing through some JRPGs and having some wonderful discussions!

Here's what the RPGamer staff will be working through during the month.

Sam Wachter (@merrygodown) & Scott Wachter (@FowlSorcerous) will both be working their way through Persona 5. While I have started my playthrough and am up to the 4th Palace, my goal is to make more progress and perhaps even finish the game. Scott, however, will be starting from the beginning and seeing how far he can get. We will find out at the end of the month who Sam and Scott's "best girls" will be.

Anna Marie Privitere (@amprivitere), Sarah McGarr (@yournoodleface) and Robert Sinclair (@lolwhoops) will be traversing their way through Final Fantasy XIV, especially given that Stormblood has just released. There will be many interesting and whacky adventures I'm sure. But that's not all! Anna will be playing through Ever Oasis on 3DS and Sarah has plans to play through Final Fantasy XV's Episode Prompto. Robert is also working his way through Fire Emblem Fates: Birthright. Hopefully he can finish it!

The lovely Cassandra Ramos (@BerryEggs) is joining in, also working her way through Ever Oasis. I am actually very excited to hear what she and Anna will think of that one. Meanwhile, Mike Apps (@AskWheels), Q&A Quest Host and lover of Wrestling GIFs will be playing Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam on 3DS.

Pascal Tekaia will be rocking his way through the classic, and RPGamer's Game of the Year in 2007, Eternal Sonata. Good luck, Pascal! Meanwhile, Michael Baker, "Our Man in Japan", will be working his way through two games, Code Name S.T.E.A.M. and The Alliance Alive. I won't lie, but I am beyond curious about that one!

And there you have it! These are the staff members who will be participating in #JRPGJuly 2017. If you wish to participate make sure to use #JRPGJuly on Twitter or your prefered form of social media. Don't forget you can also share your experience on our forums, as we'd love to know and hear what you are working your way through this July.

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