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Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire Impression - E3


Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire

Obsidian Entertainment is making further progress on inviting players back to the world of Eora with an all-new isometric RPG, Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire. The sequel to 2014's Pillars of EternityDeadfire casts players as the captain of their very own ship and crew, sailing and adventuring around the Deadfire Archipelago. Though the game was nowhere near ready to play at E3, I did get a guided video tour of what to expect.

In the mission I saw, players are looking for the fabled dungeon of Poko Kohara. Assembling a crew of adventurers — a party of five being controlled via mouse as a single entity — the player sets sail for the village of Tikawara, whose inhabitants may have some clue about the dungeon's location. Upon arriving, the party makes a beeline for the chief's hut, passing villagers who, I'm told, will follow their individual schedules as the day goes on. The chief receives the party warmly, but volunteers no information on the dungeon. There will be multiple courses of action available to the player to progress through the game's quest. Rather than offering to take on quests for the locals and curry the chief's favor, the player instead enters a stealth mode used for sneaking undetected and pickpocketing, and steals the a key from the chief. This key, in turn, opens a chest at the back of the hut, which contains a map with the location of Poko Kohara.

Sailing to the dungeon, the next segment of the demo showcased the game's combat. As the party approaches the gates of Poko Kohara, an Engwithan Titan guarding it shambles to life and engages them. All five party members spread out, each assuming a position most suited for his class, with the casters a fair distance away and one fighter taking up a post behind the titan. The colossus falls in short order, and the group proceeds into the dungeon proper. After a bit more dungeon crawling, the group stumbles on a room-sized machine, which, when operated, causes a portal to another dimension to open in front of them.

Though the demo ended there, the Obsidian team shared a few more details with us concerning the game. The finished product will feature a dynamic weather system befitting its tropical locations, and allow the player to sail his ship to known locations around the game world. With the new environments come new enemy types such as imps.

Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire is being developed for PC. At this time it is still too early for any word on a release date.

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