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Call of Cthulhu Impression - E3


Call of Cthulhu

The Roaring Twenties have never sent a chill down your spine like this. Call of Cthulhu aims to launch you into a horrific investigation RPG when it hits PlayStgation 4, Xbox One and PC. A theatre demo left me with more questions than answers, which is completely appropriate considering the game's theme.

You will take on the role of Edward Pierce, a war veteran turned private eye heading to the not-at-all creepy (it's totally creepy) Darkwater Island. On the trail of mysterious artist Sarah Hawkins and her family, things get Cthulian in a real hurry.

Much like the Call of Cthulhu tapletop game, you will be using skills like intimidation and persuasion, along with managing meager resources like lamp oil. Knowledge is your ultimate weapon; sanity is your faint hope. You will run across encounters which may have several solutions—or at least several perceived solutions.

Take time with those investigations, as they not only reveal the story of the game but also crucial clues for survival. For example, during the demo a creature reared out of a innocent (it was completely not innocent) painting. At first, you will hide from the creature. Looking for weapons and clues, you'll try to figure out what you can do to defeat the creature or, failing that, make an escape. In the demo, upon finding a dagger and knowing that the creature came out of the painting, an attempt to destroy the painting was made in hopes it would also destroy the creature. However, the painting seemed to not mind being slashed and the creature certainly didn't mind the easy opportunity to stab Edward, ending the session.

With the game due out by the end of the year, Call of Cthulhu showed that you'll need your full wits and fresh pants to nagivate the full mysteries of the island and escape alive.

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