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The Lost Child Finds a Japanese Release Date


The Lost Child

Kadokawa's recently announced The Lost Child Japanese release date. The game will arrive on Japanese PlayStation 4s and PlayStation Vitas on August 24, 2017. New media was also released for the game, as well as story and gameplay overviews. There is no word on an English release of the game.

After being saved by a mysterious woman named Barcia, investigative reporter Hayato Ibuki receives a suitcase from her before she disappears. The case contains a weapon known as the Demon Gun Gangour, which allows him to subjugate angels and demons. With the assistance of another woman who claims to be an angel, Hayato works to discover the mysteries plaguing the town while searching for Barcia. This will be done through a combination of gathering information, capturing the spirits of angels and demons, and engaging in turn-based combat.


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