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Maids Abound in Akiba's Beat, Plus Launch Trailer


Akiba's Beat

Today saw the release of the Acquire-developed Akiba's Beat, published by XSEED Games. Alongside a launch trailer, viewable below, a second trailer has been released, focusing on a particular gameplay feature. Akihabara, the Tokyo suburb in which the game takes place, is known, among other things, for its proliferation of maid-themed cafes. As protagonist Asahi and his group of friends get stuck in a vortex of perpetually-repeating Sundays and must deal with the causes of this time rift, they can find special assistance in the form of several maids. Under the right conditions, these maids may join Asahi's party and provide valuable info, such as the locations of particular stores in town, treasures, or even enemy profiles and tips in battle.

Akiba's Beat makes use of a unique music-based combat system. It also features dual text and audio options in both English and Japanes, or a combination of the two, for the entirety of its nearly 22,000 spoken lines of dialog. More information about its story, cast of characters, and gameplay systems can also be found on its official website. The game is available now for the PlayStation 4 and Vita consoles.

Launch Trailer

Maids Trailer

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