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Absolver Finds a Release Date



Devolver Digital and devloper Sloclap have announced a release date for the online action RPG Absolver. The melee-focused title will be available on PC and PlayStation 4 on August 29, 2017. A new trailer was also released for the game, detailing the game's initial fighting stances as well as the mechanics behind the Combat Deck.

In Absolver, players play as Prospects, those who have taken a sacred vow to join the Absolvers and fight disharmony in the world. Players will begin by choosing one of three different combat styles: Khalt, which absorbs blows and regains health upon counterattacking; Forsaken, which balances power and speed and gives the ability to parry enemy moves; or Windfall, a graceful style which dodges enemy blows to deliver precise counterattacks. Further styles can be learned by finding and remaining loyal to mentors found throughout the game.

The Combat Deck gives further customization to each player. Unlocked abilities can be assigned to four available stances, each stance signifying a relative position to the opponent. There are far more abilities than available slots, so players will be able to design combos to custom-fit their needs. Each stance will also have an available slot for an alternative move, which can be pressed at any point in a combo to seamlessly change styles. New abilities can be learned from fighting different enemies.


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