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Divinity: Original Sin II Unveils Game Master Mode


Divinity: Original Sin II

In its most recent Kickstarter update, Larian Studios has revealed its plans for Divinity: Original Sin II and its Game Master Mode. The Game Master Mode will let one Game Master take up to four players through hand-crafted scenarios that the GM will have unique powers over. Larian Studios stated that the tools will allow for quick, on-the-fly responses to different actions that players may take.

From the beginning, this feature was designed as a storytelling mode first and foremost. The GM's work begins even before play as they use the Divinity Engine Editor to construct maps and populate them with NPCs and items. Maps, NPCs, and items can be downloaded from outside the game, such as with Steam Workshop, or created using the GM tools. Those same tools allow the GM to access every player inventory and every NPC inventory, allowing for the quick addition or subtraction of items for reward or punishment. They will also be able to change stats, levels, and the attributes on items.

Players will interact with the world under the guiding hand of the GM. During combat, the GM can assume control of any NPC character. Outside of combat, brief vignettes can be written to challenge other skills and provide different outcomes at a moment's notice. An in-game dice roller can used to resolve these instances.

Anything created using the Game Master Mode can be downloaded and shared by any other players. Officially licensed campaigns will also be a possibility, as the Dungeons & Dragons starter set Lost Mine of Phendelver will be used as a demonstration campaign. The mode will become available when the game releases on PCs in 2017.


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