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Spike Chunsoft Announces Zanki Zero


Zanki Zero

Japanese developer and publisher Spike Chunsoft announced its latest RPG, Zanki Zero. The game is a survival RPG in a post-apocalyptic with the main characters living on an island of ruins, where new ruins drift past the island on a regular basis. The Zanki part of the title refers to a term used in games in Japan that means lives remaining.

The game will feature eight main characters, with each of the chapters focusing an a particular character. Similar to the Danganronpa games, Zanki Zero will have a mascot-style character, though this one will be a sheep. In terms of gameplay, it is planned that there will be a seamless transition between exploration and combat, with battles allowing players to dodge and counter enemy attacks.

Zanki Zero is being developed for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita and is currently early in development, though two early screenshots were provided to Famitsu. No announcement has been made regarding a potential release period.

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