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Hakoniwa Company Works Opens in Japan This July


Hakoniwa Company Works

Nippon Ichi Software recently announced Hakoniwa Company Works, a crafting simulation RPG coming to PlayStation 4 in Japan. The game is set in a world made up of various islands floating in the sky, with players taking control of a company that connects the islands, undertaking requests from various parts of the world.

Like certain other crafting simulators, Hakoniwa features maps made up of blocks which can be utilised for crafting materials. Unlike these other titles, however, the game's combat takes the form of a turn-based tactical RPG. Each character has a number of action points that can be used to move or attack. Players can also destroy parts of the battle map in order to collect more crafting materials during combat. The game also features five combat classes: the master is a balanced job exclusive to the protagonist that can use all weapon types, the soldier specialises in using a sword and doing melee attacks, the rounder focuses on guarding allies and support, the bowler uses pickaxes and shovels and is better at destroying the battlefield than attacking enemies, and the carry specialises in gathering those crafting materials made available by damage to the battlefield.

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Various characters in the game have also been introduced. Meme Kazamidori is a girl who was once part of a famous company. She meets the protagonist on a drifting island after he loses his home to an evil company, and the two set up a new company together. Daniel and Tommy are a father-son duo from a village. Daniel, the mayor, asks the protagonist to help build houses for the village. Fang is the head of a family of therianthrope hunters who asks the protagonist to help build up their defences. Nemurenu is a cabinet minister in charge of construction who approaches the player once they have built up a good reputation. Finally, the Buccaneers Company is a very large company that doesn't have the best reputation thanks to its penchant for violent behaviour towards many people, including the progatonist.

Hakoniwa Company Works is set to be released in Japan on July 13, 2017. In addition to the above details, Nippon Ichi Software also released various screenshots showing gameplay including combat, crafting, and character customisation.

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