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Operation Babel Goes In-depth


Operation Babel: New Tokyo Legacy

NIS America has updated the website for Operation Babel: New Tokyo Legacy, adding quite a bit of new information for the game. The released info includes details on the battle system and party creation.

Operation Babel will take place in a Tokyo that is on the brink. Beginning as a student at Hinowa Academy, the players will find themselves recruited into the Xth squad, an elite unit designed to fight against the monsters known as Variants that are terrorizing the city. Players will do this by crafting a party of soldiers and fighting the monsters in turn-based battles.

Customizing the party begins almost immediately, where players will be able to personalize their character's appearance, voice, and personality traits. The most important aspect, however, is a character's Blood Code, which functions as a class and determines abilities. The game will also feature a Cross Blood System, where characters will be able to utilize two Blood Codes, giving them further options for customization. After party creation, players will spend most of the time delving into the Abyss, the labyrinthine dungeon which spawns the Variants.

When fighting Variants, the most important aspects of preparation are equipping appropriate skills and items. The two types of skills: Unity and XTND, are gained in different ways. Unity Skills, broken up into Brave, Magic, and Academy, are tied to a character's Blood Code and the ability to learn more will be gained through experience and leveling. XTND skills are a new feature and tied to a specific piece of equipment. While equipped, that character will be able to use the ability regardless of Blood Code. Junk items, which can be found while exploring dungeons, are unidentified items that can be upgraded with lines of code to become stronger. This ties into the game's Rise and Drop System, which increases or decreases the level of difficulty depending on how much the player is struggling. However, higher difficulty reaps higher rewards.

Set to release physically and digitally on PlayStation Vita and digitially on Steam, Operation Babel will arrive in North America on May 16, 2017, and in Europe on May 19, 2017.


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