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July Release for Dragon Quest XI in Japan


Dragon Quest XI

Square Enix has announced the release date for the PlayStation 4 and Nintendo 3DS versions of Dragon Quest XI in Japan. The game will come to the two platforms on July 29, 2017, and the two versions will be available separately and in a combination double pack that will be available through Square Enix's online store and Lawson HMV stores in Japan. A release date has not been announced for the Nintendo Switch version.

In addition, the company released three new trailers for the game: the first being a combined overall trailer, with the other two focusing on the PS4 and 3DS versions respectively. Dragon Quest XI's main story should take players around fifty hours to complete, though there will be enough side-content to provide about a hundred hours of overall gameplay. Details about the teased Spell of Restoration were also given. This spell creates a record of the player's progress, but does not store everything (for example, character names are not saved), which can be used interchangeably between the PS4 and 3DS versions.

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