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New God Wars Trailer Features Gods and Men


God Wars

Kadokawa Games' tactical RPG God Wars has received a fifth Japanese trailer, introducing several characters, including a few of the powerful mythological beasts players will be facing, and revealing some gameplay footage. The nearly four-minute video, which can be viewed below, leads in with Prince Ookuninushi, dubbed the "Beautiful Prince" and currently heir to the nation of Izumo. He is smitten with Kaguya, the game's protagonist. Next up is the ambitious "Peach Prince" of the rival nation of Hyuga, Momotaro. An expert martial artist and skilled swordsman, he sees a threat in Kaguya. The princes' parents, King Susanoo of Izumo and Queen Amaterasu of Hyuga are also featured. Finally, things heat up with the spotlight shifting to two of the game's mythic monsters: the fire-breathing, multi-headed Yamatanoorochi and the winged beast of flame, Hinotori. The trailer closes with several scenes of in-game footage.

Japanese players are expected to get a release of God Wars on June 22, 2017, while Europe will already have it on June 16 and North America on June 20. The game is releasing on the PlayStation 4 and Vita platforms.

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