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Tales of Berseria Shows Cooking and Further Features


Tales of Berseria

Bandai Namco recently updated its official Tales series blog with new entries detailing some features present in Tales of Berseria. The new tidbits, which are accompanied with an assortment of screenshots, are joined by a new Japanese trailer for the game, which can be viewed below.

Cooking is a recurring feature in the Tales series, offering both healing and attributes boosts to the party, with new recipes collected from around the game's world. Each party member has his or her own set of cooking skills, which can be unlocked by increasing their cooking level. Joining the cooking feature is an assortment of mini-games. One of these is called Jump, Bienfu!, which sees players attempts to make Bienfu leap as far off a pier into the water as possible. There is also the returning Chamballoon mini-game that sees players bursting as many balloons as possible within a time frame, plus a new card game where players try to create high-scoring hands with cards featuring past Tales characters.

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The series' familiar collection of accessories and outfits returns, allowing players to customise their characters, often humourously. Players can also send a scouting vessel out into the open seas to explore for new areas and collect materials, treasures, and recipes. The game also features special chests called Katz Box. These are opened with things known as Katz Spirits and reward players with items such as accessories. A hoverboard-like item known as a Rare Board also makes an appearance, allowing players to move more quickly as well as traverse certain areas that cannot be done so on foot.

In addition to these features, Bandai Namco also showed some new Mystic Artes and a few NPCs in Tales of Berseria. The Mystic Artes shown were Rokurou's "Form Zero: Void", Magilou's "Ascending Angel", and Eizen's "Perfect Mayhem". The NPCs are Shigure, Rokurou's brother and a Legate at the Abbey who enjoys fighting tough opponents; Melchior, another Legate who is an expert at alchemy and lore and who is willing to do unpleasant necessary tasks; and finally Benwick, who is a part of Aifread's pirate group and on a search for the captain.

Tales of Berseria is due to be released in Japan for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 on August 18, 2016. The game is set for release in North America and Europe on PlayStation 4 and PC sometime in early 2017.

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