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Prepare to Face A Whole New Destiny in Rise of Iron



Those who have entirely plumbed the depths of Bungie's multiplayer RPG Destiny will soon have a reason to gear back up and return for more, as a new expansion is now available for pre-order. Rise of Iron includes an all-new story campaign, opens a new zone on Earth to explore, introduces a new enemy faction, and invites players to participate in a new six-player raid. In addition to new quests and gear, including the legendary gun Gjallarhorn, a three-player cooperative Strike is also part of the package.

The menacing Devil Splicers, freakish masses of flesh fused to metal, have invaded the area known as the Plaguelands, in search of ever more powerful technology to bend to their twisted means. What they've unleashed in the dank bowels under the earth is a forbidden source of almost limitless power - a technology called SIVA. It is now up to players to band together, establish a new base of operations, and delve into the rotten tunnels of the Devil Splicers to turn the tables on them by taking control of the SIVA.

Rise of Iron is available for pre-order now, and is set for release on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on September 20, 2016. Players who pre-order will also receive a special version of the Gjallarhorn, though the weapon will be available in its standard form for all players who purchase the expansion.

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