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A First Look at Demon Gaze Sequel


Demon Gaze II

Famitsu has revealed some information on the upcoming PlayStaion Vita dungeon crawler Demon Gaze II. Among other tidbits, the new details confirms the second title takes place in the same world as the first Demon Gaze. Living in a city-state called Asteria, the main character, a young man named Signa who possesses magic eye capable of sealing demons, forms a revolutionary party with others, suspicious that their foster mother's disappearance was caused by Asteria's leader. He is joined by Muse, Signa's childhood friend and leader of the rebels and Prim, Muse's sister and a songstress at the inn Stella's Place.

Famitsu also revealed that demons would not merely be summoned, as in the first game, but fight alongside the characters. Treasure hunting circles, autopilot, and other unspecified systems will also return.

Demon Gaze II will launch in Japan sometime this fall. Although it is unknown if the game will be released in the West, the first Demon Gaze was localized by NIS America in April of 2014.

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