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XSEED Announces Three Titles for North America


XSEED Games has announced the localization of three titles that will be at E3.First up is Akiba's Beat. Although not much is known about this title as it has only recently been announced in Japan, it will be a follow up to the Akiba's Trip games. It is slated for release in Fall 2016.

Next is a new entry in the Fate universe, Fate/EXTELLA:The Umbral Star. It will be a standalone story that takes place after the events of Fate/EXTRA, on the world of Extella. Players will assume the role of three heroine "servants". There will be many guest appearances from other titles in the series including Fate/stay night, Fate/Apocrypha, and Fate/Grand Order.

And finally, XSEED has announced the next game in the Story of Seasons series will be coming westward in 2017, Story of Seasons: Trio of TownsThe player is in charge of a farm located between three different towns, each with its own regional crops, romance options, and events. Also featured is a multiplayer island, which will allow players to chat and trade items with each other.

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