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Titan Quest Impression - E3


Titan Quest

Emulation specialist DotEmu is known for bringing various titles to mobile, with 2006's action RPG Titan Quest added to its list of upcoming releases. RPGamer's Emanuel Merino reported back on his time spent with the game at this year's E3.


Originally released in 2006 for the PC, Titan Quest is a hack and slash action RPG in the vein of Diablo. While walking the E3 show floor I stumbled upon the DotEmu booth where I learned that the company is porting the game to iOS and Android devices. The demo I played was an early alpha build with a lot of placeholder UI elements. All the same, even in this rough early state the entire Titan Quest from experience 2006 is here and playable. On the iPad the character sheet shines in particular. The character sheet model is large in the center of the screen and it's very easy to drag weapons and armor directly on to the character from the item stash. However, the character sheet and menus will have to be adjusted to accommodate smaller smartphone screens.

Control wise, though some of this might change for the final release, there is a large directional circle on the bottom-left of the screen and a large attack button on the bottom-right. Surrounding the attack button are a few abilities that players can swap in and out rather easily by holding any of the ability buttons down. Visually, it looks fairly decent for a game from 2006 and I do wonder how much better the final product will end up looking. At the very least, the final UI should be better by the time the game comes out.

Titan Quest is on track for release later this year. I asked about the possibility of including the Immortal Throne expansion and was told that it was possible that it could be included in an update after launch, but no guarantees. On iOS, the port will be a Universal app that works on both iPad and iPhones. DotEmu specializes in premium priced apps and as such the game will not feature any ads or in-app purchases on both iOS and Android. Iím certainly curious to see how the final product turns out as the mobile platform could always use another premium RPG.

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