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Wasteland 2 Impression - E3


Wasteland 2

inXile Etertainment's Wasteland 2 came out last year for PC, Mac, and Linux. However, the company has set its sights on releasing an enhanced Game of the Year edition for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One as well as its previous platforms. RPGamer's Chris Privitere had the chance to spend a short time with a console build of the game.


RPGamer had a few minutes to try out the console port of Wasteland 2. The Xbox One version was on display. Controls worked pretty well. Characters in the party were cycled using the bumper buttons. Radial menus showed up when pressing the trigger buttons. The left trigger controlled non-combat skills like healing and repairing objects. The right trigger handled all the combat options like attacking and reloading. Combat itself flowed nicely. When it was the player's turn, enemy targets could be cycled using the bumper buttons, followed by pressing A to choose to do a normal attack.

Outside of combat, however, is where things didn't shine so well. To begin with, the game had a very jaggy look to it. It ran in 720p, but just had this look of being really low resolution compared to what RPGamers who played the PC version would be used to. The developers mentioned that they were hoping to get the game running in 1080p before launch later this summer. Additionally, choosing and targeting objects in the environment was imprecise due to moving a cursor with the analog stick and it having some bugs where it didn't always highlight what was wanted or even what should have been able to be highlighted.

Overall, the game looked to be in sort of an odd condition. It was completely playable as it was, but the graphical quality and imprecise non-combat controls made it very much not the version to play if one had access to the PC version. All of this can still be improved before launch this summer, but RPGamers should pay close attention before jumping in on this one to make sure it has gotten the final polish it needs.

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