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Lord of Magna Breaks Down the Elements


Lord of Magna

XSEED Games' latest localisation blog for Lord of Magna: Maiden Heaven gives some more details on the Marvelous-developed tactical RPG's element system and four of the characters. Lord of Magna features four standard elements Flame, Frost, Heaven, and Earth that have different strengths and weaknesses to each other as well as a null element, Void, which is neither strong or weak against any other element.

The game's main protagonist is Luchs, an innkeeper with zero combat experience. However, he possesses the Lachryma bracelet, which allows him to act as an excellent support character. Luchs is associated with the Void element, meaning he doesn't have any specific weaknesses or strengths. Charlotte is a physical fighter, wielding a longsword named Flawless. She is associated with the Flame element, giving her strength towards Frost and Earth, but a weakness to Heaven and Frost-based attacks.

Beatrix is a ranged attacker with a cool head. Associated with the Frost element, giving her strength toward Flame and Earth enemies and a weakness to Heaven and Flame, she uses the bowgun Selbstgemachte Armbrust. Finally, Elfriede is a somewhat eccentric inventor based in the Earth element, which gives her strength over Heaven but a weakness to Flame and Frost. Armed with her own creation, the OP4 Vulcan long-range machine gun, her Kansai dialect in the Japanese version is represented in the localised version with interspersions of German.

Lord of Magna: Maiden Heaven is due out exclusively for Nintendo 3DS in North America on June 2, 2015. Those who pre-order or purchase one of the game's first print physical copies will also receive a 28-track soundtrack CD. The game is also being released digitally-only in Europe on June 4, 2015 by Marvelous Europe.

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