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Collector's Edition for Divinity: Original Sin Coming


Divinity: Original Sin

With Larian Studio's upcoming RPG Divinity: Original Sin nearing release, the developer has announced a massive collector's edition for it. This set comes with two copies of Original Sin for co-op, digital copies of Divine Divinity and Beyond Divinity, a cloth map, a two-sided poster, CD soundtrack, Original Sin-theme playing cards, recipe cards to aid in crafting, a set of RPG dice with a pouch, and stickers. Only a few thousand copies of this collector's edition will be printed and it will cost $94.99 (69.99 EUR). The collector's edition can be pre-ordered through the official site.

Larian Studios also recently announced a Mac version of Original Sin, which will be released at or around the same time as the PC version, on June 20 of this year. The Mac version will be able to play with the PC version in co-op. This version is currently available in beta form on Steam Early Access.

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Divinity: Original Sin
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