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Soul Saga Fully Funded on Kickstarter


Soul Saga

One-man game studio Disastercake has just had its first project, Soul Saga: Episode 1, fully funded on Kickstarter. The game is a JRPG inspired by the console classics we all know and love, described as, "a story driven RPG with environmental puzzles and turn based combat".

Soul Saga stars a young man, Mithos, and his engineer friend Elise. Mithos is the son of a famous guild leader who disappeared on a quest to defeat the King of Dragons. He hopes to prove that he's as strong as his father was by becoming the world's strongest guild leader and completing the quest that his father (we assume) could not. Elise, despite misgivings, comes along for the ride in order to keep Mithos safe.

Combat in Soul Saga will place an emphasis on smart choices, such as using the approprite kinds of attacks to nullify enemy defences. As described, it appears to be a more complex system than one of simple elemental strengths and weaknesses.

The game features an anime-inspired art style along with voices and music by contracted professionals. Examples of all these things can be seen and heard in the game's introductory video.

Click here for official screenshots and here for character art from the game. Thanks to RPGamer forum member Drizzl for the tip-off about this title.

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Soul Saga: Episode 1
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