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E3 Impression - Black Gold


Black Gold

I got to briefly check out Black Gold, an upcoming MMO from Snail Games, the company behind Age of Wushu. There is a fairly straight-forward set up, with two very different factions fighting over the same resource. One is a traditional high fantasy faction, while the other is an industrialized steampunk faction. The big focus of the game is PvP between the two factions. I didn't spend too much time with the game but I did get to try out the one cool thing that the game had going for it. The steampunk faction has access to various kinds of mechs befitting the style. When you enter them, you go into a first person view with a HUD overlay of the mech's targeting system. Each mouse button attacks with one of the mech's arms. I was told that once they get a high enough rank, anyone in the steampunk faction can take one out for a spin.

Visually the game is interesting in that it looks like two completely different MMOs depending on which faction you are in. The fantasy faction looks like something out of Lord of the Rings Online, while the steampunk faction looks radically different. I was told that the two styles merge in the middle of the world where the fighting over limited resources is the most fierce. Each faction has been stated to have three different races; a human race appearing in both, with dwarves and vampires also available to the steampunk faction, and a cat-like race and a barbarian race that can shape-shift available to fantasy players. There are also stated to be three classes (each with nested sub-classes) for each faction. Snail Games is looking to go into open beta in Q3 this year and launch sometime in Q4.

An E3 trailer for the game can be seen below.

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