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E3 Impression - Dark Souls II


Dark Souls II

The Souls games have been highly praised by some and loathed by others. Some claim the games are too difficult, while others (myself included) stand by the fact that you just need patience and a few resources. Souls virgin, Emanuel Merino, was tossed into a Dark Souls II demo at E3, but did he survive?


I got a brief look at Dark Souls II. Not being very experienced with the Souls series, I'll only be able to tell you what little I took away from the presentation.

The staff wanted to emphasize that "yes, the game is hard," as there was a challenge in meeting room to see if anyone could beat the Mirror Knight in the demo area. Anyone that could would receive a special shirt from the dev team, so when I visited them late Wednesday afternoon not a single shirt had been given out.

So what's new? Smarter AI, backstabs can now miss, and enemies can now backstab you. A PR rep mentioned dual wielding, but I didn't get to see it in action. It's a very risky tactic, because while dual wielding you can't block, but if you connect you can deal a lot of damage. Another new thing mentioned is that the animations are now motion captured, so it should look and animate better than the prior games.

So as for my hand's on...I selected Templar Knight with a halberd and axe. I died. I died a few more times. I went to another appointment. Ladies and gentlemen, DARK SOULS II!

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Dark Souls II
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