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Mass Effect 3 - Citadel DLC Impression


Mass Effect 3

Author's Note: Minor spoilers for Mass Effect 3.

Grunt: "Have you ever had a Krogan drink too much and get sick all over your floor? I'm here to make that dream come true."

While the Mass Effect trilogy has been wrapped up for over a year now, it truly has reached its grand finale in the Citadel DLC expansion. Nothing says finality like battling clones and partying down with one's comrades. Of all the DLCs to come out for Mass Effect 3, Citadel is all about fan-service, and really, isn't that all we've been wanting after three games?

The plot of Citadel begins with Shepard and her crew taking some well needed rest. Upon meeting Joker at a sushi joint, Shepard learns that she is a target of some negativity, as someone has hacked all her accounts, attempting to place her in the line of fire. Falling through a fish tank, Shepard learns that there's more to this attack than meets the eye, as she must uncover who's at the bottom of this dark ploy. It turns out Shepard has some trouble with clones, and can't seem to stomach the idea of there being two of her in the galaxy. This creates a race against the clock to ensure the Normandy stays with its rightful owner before faux-Shepard decides she truly is the conqueror of the galaxy.

Wrex: "Haha! I love you guys! Why shoot something once when you can shoot it 46 times!?"

Citadel does a great job of balancing combat and story, as there's just enough to keep the player engaged. Battles never feel too difficult considering that all squad mates actively participate in battles, regardless of whom Shepard takes on her team. The plotline involving the clone is... hilarious. Listening to Shepard banter about "who does this chick think she is?" is funny, awkward, and adorkable. It's great to hear Jennifer Hale provide a more humorous side to Shepard's persona, and she sports some great bits of dialogue that keep the story from feeling stale. Even the Renegade options provided feel perfectly woven in, though if you're playing Paragon, there are certainly some great moments for you as well.

Truth be told, every character shines in this expansion. Not only does the story show true camaraderie, nothing feels tacked on or misplaced. There's such a sense of humor that floats through the DLC that it feels natural. Moreover, there are tons of special scenes when the main mission is completed, as well as new romance scenes for those who need a steamy tango or some soft piano playing. These additional scenes feel so perfect, and you call tell that BioWare wanted to show the fans how much they truly pay attention to the Mass Effect fandom. There's also the amazing party scene, which I won't spoil, but it's worth the investigation especially Grunt, he'll keep the fangirls at bay with the push of a button.

Even with the casino and new minigames added, Citadel has a lot to offer for Mass Effect fans in terms of fan service and exploration. It's easily the best expansion of the bunch and it offers so many shenanigans that it's worth revisiting. Of all the DLC packs, this one is definitely worth the price of admission to complete Shepard's grand journey through the galaxy. Besides, how many games out there can get away with teasing its own protagonist because she has the worst dance moves in the galaxy?

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Mass Effect 3
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