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August Is Tales of Xillia Time


Tales of Xillia

Late summer is generally a sparse time for game releases, but Namco Bandai will be offering us some relief as Tales of Xillia will be released in North America on August 6. This release date was announced at a press event in New York.

In an interview conducted with Kotaku around that same event, Tales producer Hideo Baba also commented on the Vita remakes of Tales of Innocence and Tales of Hearts. He stated that there are no plans to bring those remakes to North America at this time due to the poor performance of the Vita here. This decision could be revisited if the Vita's numbers increase in the future.

However, Baba also noted that there will be more Tales-related announcements, and asked for fans to look forward to future announcements. The official European Tales Twitter account has mentioned that there is news coming in the next couple weeks, so we'll see whether that's a big announcement or just a small regional one.

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Tales of Xillia
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