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Suda 51 to Helm New Pokémon Spinoffs



The sixth generation of main series Pokémon games may be on the way, but Nintendo's The Pokémon Company has news that could be of even greater interest to adult Pokémon fans. Famed developer Suda 51 (No More Heroes, Lollipop Chainsaw) and his Grasshopper company will be creating a new spinoff series for the Wii U aimed at the mature portion of the Pokémon community.

Titled Pokémon Future: Tenshi no Hane and Pokémon Future: Akuma no Tsuno, (Wings of Angels and Horns of Devils, respectively) the games both place the player as members of shadowy organizations in the Pokémon world. Tenshi no Hane stars a new recruit in Team Virtue, a vigilante organization dedicated to taking out Team Rocket by any means necessary. Akuma no Tsuno features a Team Rocket grunt who must work his or her way up that criminal organization's ladder.

Team Virtue's character starts with a Rufflet, while the Rocket Grunt begins with the traditional Rattata. Both characters will take on various spying, sabotage, and assassination missions in which Pokémon will be used in ways never seen before.

The games will have a somewhat open-world, mission-based structure and feature action-based Pokémon battles. Players will have access to a limited selection of Pokémon, which are being designed to emphasize the terrifying powers written in their traditional descriptions. The games will feature online capabilities somewhat like those found in Dark Souls, with Rocket players able to invade Virtue players' games and vice versa.

Few additional details have been released about the spin-offs as of yet, but we can expect stylishly artistic graphics and slick, gore-filled Pokémon battles. Suda 51 is said to relish this opportunity to present a new vision of Pokémon to an audience that has tired of endless gym battles and the power of friendship. The game is expected to rate at least CERO D (ages 17 and up) for violence and sexual content. It will release in 2014 in Japan, and has yet to be announced for an English-language release.

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