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RIFT: Storm Legion Impression - E3 2012



RIFT's appointment was scheduled as the first thing on Wednesday morning, as the show opened. While still in production, the team was happy to share a number of details and show off some of the new gameplay. First and foremost, the world as RIFT knows it is expanding the new continents add almost three times the current area, so players will have plenty more to explore in the world. In addition, all the features players have come to know and love will be available in these new lands.

Eventually, RIFT's development team would like to move all end-game content normally locked into raid dungeons to open world events, where players don't need the same twenty-five people to assemble every week at a specific time to take down the same chain of bosses. Instead, huge battles against the ever-present colossus and other enemies, balanced for upwards of 80-100 players, will be where the action is at.

We were taken to a desert scene to get a peek at one of these new bosses. The first phase involved destroying several pieces of armor on the giant fiend's body, including legs, arms, and most importantly chest. From there, the towering monstrosity walked forward and players needed to move with him to continue the assault. Midway through the battle, he broke down a massive wall, leaving a space for players to move through.

These events, triggered by world monsters, open up temporary zones that will only be available if the world encounter is successfully moved to this stage of the battle. Players may find unique monsters or unusual crafting materials behind these otherwise closed walls, so it's important to get in while you can!

RIFT: Storm Legion could just as easily be called RIFT: More of the Stuff You Want. With riveting quests, quirky mounts, and of course, RIFT's crowning jewel, the open-world events, now's the time to return to RIFT or try it for the first time. Closed beta testing is to be announced shortly.

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