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Record of Agarest War 2 Impression - E3 2012


Record of Agarest War 2

From mammary-adorned mouse pads to sausage-inspired artwork, Aksys Games' marketing of the Agarest War series has been... intriguing. Record of Agarest War 2 looks to be keeping that tradition alive, though in a minutely toned down manner. While the cover art shouldn't get them pulled off store shelves this time, the limited edition contents are still something to gawk at.

The limited edition package comes with an inflatable blow up doll, and while the original images released had the image of the doll censored, there is actually nothing naughty to cover up. It's simply a chibi-styled depiction of one of the game's women. Additionally, a small towel is included that, when exposed to water, grows to the size of a hand towel. In this case, however, the towel isn't one to put up in your mother's bathroom, as the girl depicted on it would cause her to blush. Finally, an artbook is included with an encyclopedia-styled cover meant to fool study hall monitors and parents, as its insides are more inspired by Maxim magazine than any normal artbook. It should even have "well-written content" so one could claim they were reading it "for the articles."

Of course, at some point one will notice that there is a game in this box. Featuring a grid-by-grid combat system that looks to be straight out of Valkyrie Profile, the combat system allows players to bind skills from the party members onto four face buttons and use them to attack. Though why bother with battles when the erotic minigames let you use your PlayStation Move controller for shiatsu massage? The bathtub and massage minigames are sure to excite, given the usage of HD sprites this time around. After all, isn't that what JRPG fans have been hoping for?

All kidding aside, sex is obviously rather present in this game. Indeed, it has been confirmed that all the on-disc content is completely uncensored in the American release. However, due to the underaged nature of one of the game's characters, the same promise can not be made for the DLC. The final decision for that will come later, however. In the meantime, you can preorder Record of Agarest War 2 now in advance of its June 27 release. This game will also be released in Europe by Ghostlight under the title Agarest: Generations of War 2 in July.

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Record of Agarest War 2
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