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Darksiders II Impression - E3 2012


Darksiders II

Darksiders II is THQ's upcoming open world action RPG featuring the Horseman of the Apocalypse, Death. At E3 the show floor demo showcased several combat and environment elements. On a snowy, icy mountain I was able to maneuver Death along the trail both on foot and on a horse. Death is also able to utilize the environment for travel. For instance, he is able to use vines to move across the ceiling, climb and jump from pillar to pillar, as well as climbing and running against walls. Although the demo did not show the open world aspect of the game, there was a shadow like crow which constantly flied ahead of Death to guide him to the quest destination.

I found the style of battle in Darksiders II to be reminiscent of hack and slash or brawler games such as those in the Devil May Cry series. Death has a general attack that is triggered by action button, which can be pressed constantly to create a combo. However, players can spice things up by jumping then attacking a monster or launching the monster to create an air combo. The number of hits the player is able to land in the combo is shown on the screen. Additionally, Death is able to avoid attacks by executing a side roll, which allows him to easily reposition himself for combo. During the demo's boss fight there was also a quick-time event which prompts the player to mash a button to break a struggle with the boss. The Necromancer and Harbinger skill trees were also shown in the show floor demo. As Death levels up, players will be given a choice of leveling either or both skill trees.

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Darksiders 2
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